Interior Dome Light With White & Red LEDs

Item #DLWR
$ 50.00

LED Dome Light with built in switch, red and white lights and mounting. We truly make it easy to add a dome light to any vehicle with this kit!

  • Velcro around tubing or surface mount
  • Comes with all necessary mounting
  • 1 switch for white light, 1 switch for red colored light
  • Simply run a hot and ground wire from your battery
  • Sold individually
  • Lifetime warranty 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Daniel Solis

Great light very bright used it to mount under hood of my Tacoma. Easy installation 👍

Troy Tessier
don’t get too many!

these things are insanely bright. i installed them during the day, turned em on, and they looked like normal dome lights. I let it get dark, i turned one on and my gf was squinting. i thought i would need 1 in each corner, no way. Highly recommend these💪🏼

Great Lights

I mounted (3) of these, (1) on each corner of my roof rack. White is great for trails and general lighting, red is great for keeping your neighbors happy and the bugs at bay. Very bright, very good lights. They feel robust and hopefully that means they will last a long time. Even so, lifetime warranties rock!

Lit up my whole car!

I originally order 4 of these for my X3. After installing only 2 of them I decided to turn them on. 2 was way more than enough! I will be using the other ones as a clutch light in case I need to work on it. These are bright little lights!