6" Race Series Single Row LED Light Bar

Item #3006
$ 100.00

Our Race Series Single Row Offroad LED Light Bars are an extremely thin light bar. Don't let the 1 3/4" tall design fool you! These single row light bars pack a punch for their small size. The combination of 7w Philips LEDs and 4D Projectors result in an Ultra Spot Beam Pattern made for distance! Our Race Series Single Row Bars also utilize military grade breathers, and dual stainless steel mounting brackets.

Our 6" Race Series Single Row LED Light Bar puts out 2600 Lumens

All of our Race Series Single Row Series LED Bars utilize 7w Philips LED Chips combined with a 4D Projector

Our 6" Race Series Single Row is 42 Watts, resulting in 3.5 Amps @ 12 Volts

All of our light bars feature a polycarbonate lens, which is an unshatterable, unbreakable material.

Complete IP69k Waterproof

All of our products are covered under our Lifetime Warranty

Comes with: Mounting brackets, wiring harness and Lifetime Warranty. 

All Race Series Single Row Bars are modular, meaning you can change the lenses out to achieve the beam pattern needed. Lenses sold separately.

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