MIC 8-Gang Switch Pannel

$ 150.00

This powerful switch panel can control 8 lights & accessories from one convenient place. Features high sensitivity, stability and strong anti-interference ability, you can customize your own switch panel with 50Pcs self-adhesive labels. It will be the best way to clean up wiring and adding just one panel to control everything.

Works with LED Light Bars and other electrical accessories;

Dimmable back-light display

On/Off buttons switches

4 modes:  Steady On Mode, Momentary Mode, Reset Mode, Memory Mode, satisfy all your needs 

All necessary components and hardware included. Bonus 50pcs labeling stickers included for DIY your specific need.

Material: the panel is made out of high quality ABS; the circuit box is made out of aluminum

 Can be installed on dash board, dash panel, center console, a-pillar etc

 Input voltage: 12V/24V DC

 Maximum Power: 600W at 12V / 1200W at 24V

 Maximum Current: 60A

Maximum Instantaneous Current: 100A

 Operating temperature: -40 C - 150 C

Auto Fuse: 140Auto Fuses included

8 circuits: 2 rated at 5A max each, 2 rated at 10A max each, 2 rated at 20A max each, 2 rated at 30A max each

Warranty: 1 Year

Panel Dimensions: 4.5" x 0.6" x 2.6"

Circuit Box Dimensions: 6.2" x 1.3" 4.1"


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