Race Series Tail Light & Chase Light Bar

Item #4010
$ 280.00 $ 350.00

Our new Race Series rear facing tail light / chase bars have everything you need for the back of your UTV, race car, prerunner or overland rig! With integrated running lights, brake lights, dust lights and a reverse / work light you’ll have all of the rear facing light you need. 

Comes with:

    Mounting brackets

    Wiring pigtail with color coordinated wires

    Lifetime warranty 

Only 30 watts per section (150w total)


    1” tall

    2 7/8” deep 

    31 1/4” mounting point to mounting point 


    Black Wire - Ground

    Green Wire - Red Running light

    Red Wire - Red Brake Light 

    White Wire - Backup / Work Light

   Yellow & Orange Wires - Left & Right Amber Lights 

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