40" Race Series Single Row LED Light Bar

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$ 560.00

Introducing our Race Series Single Row Offroad LED Light Bars - the ultimate in sleek and powerful lighting solutions for your off-road adventures. At just 1 3/4" tall, these bars may be small in size, but they pack a serious punch. The combination of advanced 7w HP-7 LEDs and 4D Projectors deliver an Ultra Spot Beam Pattern that's specifically designed for distance, providing the visibility and clarity you need to tackle even the toughest terrain. Our Race Series Single Row Bars are also built to last, with military-grade breathers and dual stainless steel mounting brackets that ensure maximum durability and stability. Plus, with our new and improved Revo2 circuit boards, you can expect even higher light output than before. And with the added convenience of a modular lens, you can easily customize your beam pattern and light color by purchasing additional lenses. So if you're looking for a reliable and powerful lighting solution for your off-road adventures, look no further than our Race Series Single Row Offroad LED Light Bars.

Our 40" Race Series LED Light Bar puts out 18000 Lumens

All of our Race Series Series LED Bars utilize 7w HP-7 LED Chips combined with a 4D Projector

Our 40" Race Series is 294 Watts, resulting in 24.5 Amps @ 12 Volts

All of our light bars feature a polycarbonate lens, which is an unshatterable, unbreakable material.

Complete IP69k Waterproof

All of our products are covered under our Lifetime Warranty

Comes with: Mounting brackets, Wiring Harness and Lifetime Warranty

All Race Series Bars are modular, meaning you can change the lenses out to achieve the beam pattern needed. Lenses sold separately.

Customer Reviews

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Affordable + Quality

I had the 40" G3SR for several months up until it was stolen. But during that time I had no complaints whatsoever. Extremely well made with top of the line components. Huge fan of being able to swap out lenses on bar for custom outputs. If and when I can get a new lightbar it will definitely be this one again.

We are very sorry to hear about your misfortune! Please get in contact with us as soon as possible so we can see what we can do about getting you a new lightbar! Thank you for the kind words. Hopefully we can see your rig lit up with a new G3SR Series LED Bar soon!